Resources for becoming a PHP developer.

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A placeholder for a site which, once well-planned, will have real designs and marketing and stuff. By Matt Stauffer of Tighten, with the goals to welcome newcomers into PHP in a healthy and friendly and easy-to-learn and safe way.

This site is necessarily opinionated. As such, it primarily reflects my opinion (Matt Stauffer) of what's best--and not best--for a new PHP developer to focus their time on today.

See sister site to consider why developers, bootcamps, and companies should consider PHP today.

  • Learn PHP for free
  • Learn PHP (paid, recommended)
  • Intermediate learning resources
  • Ask questions about PHP
  • Welcoming PHP organizations
  • The Real World
  • Places to be careful of

    PHP has been around a long enough time that, if you google "PHP", you're going to find a lot of resources that aren't great for modern PHP developers; sometimes because the code is old, but sometimes because the people aren't very friendly. These are a few places that might not be particularly helpful or welcoming for newcomers.

    • r/php on Reddit (and many similar places like r/laravel): There are many wonderful people here but there are also many jerks. These can be great tools, but they've also been often known to drive people away. Approach with caution.
    • w3Schools: They are known for giving bad and outdated information. They've got great search engine placement but I'd avoid.
  • Frameworks and CMSes

    If you're learning PHP, there's a good chance there's a specific goal you have in mind: to join a team that works with a given tool, or just to learn the language that powers the majority of the Internet. But it's very unlikely that you'll just write PHP today. You'll almost definitely work with a framework or a CMS. Here are a few of the major players: